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Announcement of Lineage 2 servers - from Averia fans and female fans

The announcement of the servers has been launched, we are working for you dear players and the administration of game projects!
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    Affiliate rules:

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  • Note: Your server will be checked by the administrator before it becomes visible and available in the server lists.

    Server Information

    • Specify the name of your server in this field, for example MMODAY.RU

    • Specify a link to your server site, example:

    • Specify the chronicles that your server uses, example: Interlude+

    • Specify which rates your server uses, for example: x100
      or   All / None

      Specify which add-ons your server uses, GVE example

    • Specify the exact opening date of your project.
      or   All / None

      It is recommended if you are launching a completely new server (or complex) under a completely new name!

    Button code for placement on the site

    Placing our project button is optional, but increases your karma!

New Lineage 2 premium servers

Announcements of Lineage 2 servers of all rates and chronicles. Don't miss the opening of L2 servers today!
The most high-quality projects are placed here. The best L2 servers are marked with an asterisk. Starting to play on such a project, you can be sure of its stability and good online.
For convenience, all new Lineage 2 servers are included in the list, which we update daily, adding the latest information about new discoveries to it. A convenient search engine will allow you to find a project that suits you in a few seconds. The announcements of the L2 servers, fixed on top, as well as those near which the blue VIP icon is placed, are the best gaming projects to date.
We post only basic information - this is a link to the project, rates, chronicles and the start date. A detailed description of each Lineage 2 server can be found by going to one of them. There you can also find instructions for entering the game.
On our website you can find L2 servers of various concepts, such as: PvP, Craft, Low rate, GvE, RvR, PVP-Craft, Multicraft, Classic versions of the game and with additions.
Stay with us and you will be aware of new discoveries!
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Lineage 2 server announcements

Find a new server with our new Lineage 2 server announcements. We try to collect all the information about already open and new game projects as accurately and in full as possible. For visitors to our announcement of Lineage 2 servers, the opportunity is available to leave a review and rating for the server, which will help other players make the right choice. Foreign and foreign servers are available on the MMODAY portal, they are marked with the corresponding flag.

How to pick up a new Lineage 2 server

When choosing a new L2 server, you need to consider several parameters. Each of these contributes to the overall success of the project and indirectly affects online performance and overall server lifespan. Of course, it is impossible to be 100% sure that opening one or another Lineage 2 server, but it is quite simple to beware.

The main criteria for choosing a new Lineage 2 server

  • The game server site is located on a 2nd level domain
  • The design of the server site is beautiful and of high quality and has no obvious layout errors
  • The site is not hung with numerous buttons for "Lineage 2 Server Announcements" sites
  • L2 game server has its own forum, where new topics and discussions are created in large volume
  • The presence of pages in social networks with open comments, where you can find out about the past of the server
  • Positive reviews and ratings on our portal in the section of this L2 complex
  • Presence of advertising in Yandex.Direct, AdWords, L2Top and paid placement on server announcement sites
  • The presence of active and popular streamers that illuminate the life of the server
  • Decent attitude of the server administration towards the players